If you’re hoping to experience Atlanta in style, your best option is to explore city with an Atlanta limo service. There’s nothing like getting all dolled up and hitting down town in a sleek limousine. So treat yourself, you deserve it!

If you’re riding in style, you should also eat in style. Atlanta has no shortage of fine dining restaurants to choose from. Here are some of the best upscale restaurants throughout the city for your big night out.

The Capital Grille

Some people might avoid The Capital Grille in Atlanta since it is a chain restaurant, but you shouldn’t let this deter you from having an amazing meal. This chain has been a staple in the fine dining world for years, and not just for its perfectly seared tenderloin. The citrus glazed salmon is also a top seller, as well as the fresh-caught lobster.

If you’re wanting to go all out, consider ordering the sliced filet mignon or the dry aged NY strip steak. There is an extensive wine list to choose for, so go big or go home by ordering a few bottles for the table. Be sure to make a reservation ahead of time, this place is a hot commodity.


Bones is about as fancy as you can get. Their menu features delicacies like crab-stuffed trout, seared scallops, and of course filet mignon. Be sure to finish the meal with a slice of warm pecan pie or mixed berry cheesecake. Vegetarians and vegans don’t have too many options here, but everyone else will leave feeling satisfied.


No matter the occasion, Aria is an Atlantic hotspot for food enthusiasts around the city. Their extensive menu includes everything from shareable snacks to decadent desserts. One of the top-selling plates at Aria is the crisp boneless duck confit. If you’re a seafood fan, give butter braised lobster a try. It is served alongside truffle potatoes and broccoli mousseline.

Sky Lounge

If you’re top priority is taking in the stunning city views while you done, consider booking a table at Sky Lounge. It has been voted as one of the top rooftop lounges in the world, so come see why. Unfortunately the food options are limited here, but it is the ideal spot to sip on cocktails while you take in the panoramic views.

This rooftop lounge is located at the very top of the historic Glenn Hotel. It is located in a prime spot in the Centennial Park District. Ask your limo driver to stop and see the sights before heading here for some before-dinner drinks.

Gochas Breakfast Bar

Not feeling a late-night romp through the city? Consider taking your fancy Atlanta tour earlier in the day. If you do, be sure to dine at Gochas Breakfast Bar. It is open from 7am to 3pm, but you won’t find your average run-of-the mill breakfast food here.

Gochas serves everything from savory candied maple bacon to creamy shrimp and grits. Feel free to bring the kids along for the ride; a youngster favorite on the 12-and-under menu is the silver dollar pancake dish.

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