If you are an active member of the healthcare community, you probably know a little bit about the CDPAP program. Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program, CDPAP for short, is the ideal way to access care within your home. Many people opt for CDPAP as a way to stay within the comforts of their own home and receive the care that they deserve.

In such a congested city like New YorK City, finding the proper care can be challenging. For this reason more and more healthcare seekers are filling out the CDPAP application in New York City. But before enrolling in any healthcare program, there are a few considerations to be made beforehand. To help you decide if CDPAP is right for you, here are 4 essential questions answered.

What is CDPAP?

The Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program is just as it sounds. You, the patient or “consumer” are given the power to direct your own healthcare program. You have control over your own home healthcare services; you get to decide who you want to be taking care of you. Any friend or family member can take on the role and get paid a decent salary to do so.

What are the prerequisites for applying?

The most important prerequisite of applying as a CDPAP member is that you must qualify for Medicaid. Unfortunately if you don’t qualify, you are not eligible for the program. You can check on Healthcare.gov to see if you qualify.

How does it all work?

Once you’ve determined if you qualify or not, the application process can begin. The patient is also referred to as the consumer within the program; the caregiver is referred to as the personal assistant (PA). Normally the consumer is responsible for managing his/her own care, but in some cases this isn’t possible.

In those cases, the consumer can establish a designated representative (DR) to manage care, and this person can also be the personal assistant. Even if the personal assistant is also the designated representative, the consumer still acts as the employer. The consumer/DR is responsible for hiring, training, paying, and if needed terminating the PA.

What are the major benefits?

The main benefit of enrolling in CDPAP is not having a stranger in your home if you need an in-home caregiver. You can hire a close friend, loving family member, or even a nearby neighbor. You will already be comfortable with that person and chances are you’ll receive even better care than if you hired a service.

The program also benefits the personal assistant. Many family members feel torn between utilizing nursing homes, hiring in-home services, or providing the care themselves. Well now that a family member can get paid a fair wage for caring for a loved one, the decision is a simple one.

With CDPAP, you don’t need to worry about receiving less-than-perfect care. The personal assistant will be given the necessary training beforehand to ensure that he or she is qualified. A personal assistant can perform much of the same tasks as a Registered Nurse or Home Health Aide.

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