In our go-go-go world of stress, chaos, the need to impress, deadlines, workloads, family commitments and more, it’s no wonder more people than ever are reporting high levels of problems related to being overworked, overwhelmed and heavily stressed out. While many people resort to various ways to beat stress from engaging in hobbies, holistic therapies, yoga, meditation and more all the way down to drinking away their problems, there are a whole host of ways to get rid of stress – even temporarily. While colouring for adults has taken off colossally, another chill out therapy that has is the use of flotation tanks. But what is a flotation tank? How does it work? What are the benefits? Here’s a quick rundown for the flotation first timer.

What Is It?

Flotation therapy – often referred to as isolation tank therapy – is a process by which a soundproof, lightproof pod is filled with about a foot of saltwater in which you lay down and float. This eliminates light, sound, the sense of gravity (a large part anyway) and can help relax the body and the mind, helping you destress and release worry.

How Does It Work?

The therapy works by alleviating all outside stimulation so the body can truly relax. It’s said that once all stimulation has been removed and only the mind is left, it can wander and relax in ways it never has before, leaving people feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and truly relaxed at the end of a one hour session. Some people even report having near-hallucinogenic experiences, or being visited by beings from other dimensions. While this is up for debate, the one thing that rings true for everyone is just how beneficial the therapy is to beat stress.

What Are The Benefits?

Not only does the floating therapy remove stress and worry, but it also allows the body to fully relax, providing various muscular and skeletal benefits as well. Many of those who use floatation tanks say that the use of the therapy has helped with chronic pain and arthritis as well as other issues relating to pain management. When used in conjunction with other physiotherapy and pain management, a number of people find flotation therapy aids recovery or general management of pain.

Why Should I Try It?

Depending on your individual tastes and needs, flotation therapy can be a great foray into holistic medicines or therapies considering it doesn’t conform with any one ‘belief’ or way of thinking, making it the ideal alternative therapy to a whole variety of different people. Whether you suffer from chronic pain, fatigue, stress, overwork, depression, anxiety or any other malady that plagues the world today, having what some refer to as ‘a good float’ is sometimes all you need to set yourself right again.

So if you’ve been wondering how you can best begin to incorporate something new and beneficial into your life, consider starting with flotation therapies for any reason. From relaxation to helping with chronic pain and fatigue, flotation tanks and the use of the therapy has been helping people around the world get back in touch with themselves, melt away that overwhelming feeling and really relax. So what are you waiting for? Try one today!

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