Being a Dad doesn’t mean your style has to go out the window, and even though there will be times you feel like you just can’t be bothered to dress well or put on something impressive, there will be many other times that you do feel like wearing something nice. Fashion can come in all shapes and sizes – especially for men – from the socks you wear all the way up to full blown suits, jackets, ties and more. If you’re a Dad with a sense of style, here are the top fashion tips for doting Dads.

Declutter Your Space

First up, decluttering your closet is a great way to get an idea of what you have, what you need and what you really need to let go of. That old college sweatshirt may bring back some great memories of those times in the frat house with ‘the boys’, but do you really need to keep it around – especially if you don’t wear it? Probably not. If you love wearing it and it shows through its faded labelling, torn sleeves and more, then keep it for novelty’s sake or for wearing when you’re under the weather. Aside from that though, if you haven’t worn something in the last six months to a year, consider sending it off to the charity shop.

Buy Stuff That Fits

Nothing looks worse than wearing something that fits wrong, or worse yet, not at all. Baggy trousers are better left for the teens as are the band shirts, shirts with slogans and more. Okay, so not all band or slogan shirts need to be ditched, but unless you really have an edgy overall style, it’s probably best to lose the teenage clothing plan and go with more classic things that work with your body shape. Learn what shape you are along with sizes but remember that not every store stocks the same fit in the same size. What’s a large in one shop might be an XXL in another. Online it gets even more convoluted and you can expect to send things back a time or two until you figure out what your best size for online clothes are.

Buy Stuff You’ll Actually Wear

Back to the band and slogan style shirts. Will you actually wear them? Are you happy being seeing pushing your child around in its stroller with various things emblazoned across your chest – some of which could raise eyebrows? While most people will tell you to wear what you want and not to worry about what people think, it can be difficult. So keep discernment in mind. If you don’t mind being seen in an Eminem, Iron Maiden, Nirvana or Billy Idol shirt, then don’t worry about it. If you don’t want to lose that side of your identity entirely but you’d rather not be seen in public, keep the shirts for at home or pyjama wear.

Wear New Stuff For No Reason

Once you’ve bought a few great, new things consider wearing them for no reason. Those chino style trousers, that nice button up shirt wear just when taking your kids out for the day. Everyone will be impressed that a Dad can still take care of himself while taking care of the kids and your partner will appreciate the effort as well! It’s an all around win-win!

So if you’re a doting Dad that doesn’t want to lose himself in a barrage of bad fashion choices, consider these top ideas to help keep your fashion conscious self in the mix as you enjoy your children growing up. After all, parents deserve a little something as well!

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