Quality education improves our kids’ personal growth and career success. We want to open up avenues for them where they can truly make a difference in the society.

But it is even more important now especially when the line between fake and real is blurred. A proliferation of made up facts and propaganda has made it increasingly vital that our kids can comprehend what they read and watch.

This all depends on the foundation that they have in school and even at home, the critical thinking skills imparted to them, the tools they were able to take advantage of, and the values they were taught through their education. For instance in primary schools, teachers can help harbor an interest for continuous learning. In this way, they will grow up to be more inclined to research first before voicing their opinions.

In this article, we explore the qualities that you need to look out for to help you find the best school for your kids.


A sign that the school is geared towards the same goal and is running on the same core values is evidence of a student-centered view of teaching. Even as simple as scheduling deadlines properly to lessen the cases of child stress meant that the school always considers what is best for students for every decision that is made.

Holistic education

Holistic education is not just about memorizing concepts and definitions. It is about knowing how it is applied in real life and making personal conclusions based on hard results. Schools who provide holistic education encourage collaboration with other students and active participation in class. Each one is expected to experiment and discuss with their peers about the lessons, and they should be confident about sharing it with the class.

This also nourishes learning with a purpose. Every time they synthesize class discussions with real life application, they are encouraged to use what they have learnt to better the world at large. Other aspects of holistic education includes appreciation for the arts and excelling in sports.

Organized environment

It is not just about the curriculum, but also the school layout. A conducive environment for learning means that each classroom is equipped with the right tools for teaching. It can be the latest technology used to assist teachers discuss difficult concepts, or it can be the space allotment for each classroom.

An organized layout also focuses on providing students with wide, green spaces for work and play. Schools who have free roaming grounds where students can explore value their well-being as much as their academic performance.

Discouraging misbehaviors

Students must feel physically, mentally, and emotionally safe in school. Bullying in all its forms must be explicitly and extremely discouraged to maintain an environment of focus and collaboration. But rather than punish these misbehaviors, schools must actively campaign against negative actions by implementing disciplinary measures that are helpful for the growth of the community.

School is more than just their national ranking, their overall academic performance, and their exclusivity. It should be an institution that values the overall person, producing students who value what they learn and are set on using it to help other people.

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