How many of the staff which you have recruited for your business received background checks ahead of you hiring them? In the case of most business owners this number is very low indeed, a worrying statistic. Failing to carry out a background check on someone who you are recruiting can have very damaging consequences and it is always recommended that you carry out such a check on everyone coming into the business. This isn’t something which you need to do yourself, there are some great services who can do this for you and deliver detailed results. If you fail to perform a background check, here are some of the consequences which you could be facing.


Let’s assume that you have someone who has applied for you position who has a history of violent crime. Now this is something which they may not put on their application form for obvious reasons and if you don’t perform a check, you won’t know anything about this either. Now let’s imagine that 2 months down the line this person attacks another member of staff, this is a situation which you could easily have avoided with a background check but now you need to involve yourself in all the legal requirements and the reputation of your business could be damaged.

Wasted Time

Another scenario for you here, you are hiring for a job which requires some specialist qualifications, you have an applicant who ticks all of the boxes and after weeks of reviewing applications and interviewing, you settle on this person. Now let’s imagine that they have lied on their application for and that they actually don’t have the skills or qualifications required. The result of this is that you will have to spend hours upon hours on training the person and they will likely not be able to perform the job. You cannot fire someone for this and so you must eventually find another position for them or manage them out of the business and then hire someone else. This ordeal has cost your business a great deal of time and money, all of which you could have avoided if you had performed a quick and easy background check on them.

Corporate Manslaughter

Corporate manslaughter sounds quite shocking but this could very easily be a consequence of you not having performed a background check. Let’s say that you are hiring for a driving position and you hire someone who has declared on their application form that they have a clean driving license when in fact they haven’t. If this person is in a company vehicle and drives recklessly resulting in an accident which causes fatalities, you could very easily be held accountable for it because of your failure to perform a background check. This may be an extreme example of course but this is something which has happened in the past and can easily repeat itself.

Don’t run any risks when recruiting new staff, perform a background check and give yourself peace of mind.

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