Whether you have a blog, a social media page or a business which operates online, the key to success is and always has been the quality of the content. In order to understand a little better about what great content can do for your company we spoke to the brilliant team at a content marketing company in order to find out what exactly great content looks like. Great content will help to attract customers, it will help your website to climb up the search ranking in line with SEO practices and it will ultimately help you to find greater success and popularity. Let’s have a look then at what great written content looks like.


First thing’s first, your content should always be of a high standard with regards to grammar and spelling, failure to complete these most basic of checks is not going to instill confidence in someone that you have the ability to do great things for them. Whatever content you write, you must ensure that you are checking it thoroughly.


Next up you need to think about what value are you providing to your readers, are you actually offering them something or is the piece just ramblings. This is something that most people forget when they are writing content and they fail to put themselves in the position of the reader. You must think deeply about what it is that you are informing the reader about, is it a call to action? Are you breaking news to them? Are you teaching them something? Are you recounting a tale or a story? Whatever the message is will be up to you but you must always seek to provide the reader with something, any kind of reason for them to keep on reading and come back to your site or your page again in the future.


The layout of your piece is also highly important and in fact it is of equal importance as what you actually write in the piece. We live in a world where everything is on demand and we don’t have time to waste, this is why it is vital that we break down content into bitesized pieces because the truth is, most people are lazy when they read. Though the use of sub-headings and images or videos, we can help to break up the content in order for the reader to get through it in manageable pieces rather than swallowing it whole.


Remember that you are writing for the reader here and you need to make the content inclusive so that as they read the content they will feel a part of it. Using pronouns is a great start in doing this and it makes the reader feel more valued and ultimately more included. If you are able to do this then you can expect these readers to come back for more in the future.

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